Daily Adventure Requires a Walking Stick

by Ray Reuter on March 22, 2018

While not a “dream” destination for Spring Break, a local adventure along the neighborhood walking trail proved to offer plenty of excitement. We labeled it a “treasure hunt” — which was a fancy title for permission to hike through the trees, walk through the dried creek bed, and get muddy. Of course, a good adventure requires a walking stick. It got me thinking about the reason why …

Like the little adventurers, I too appreciate a walking stick for balance, to poke around, to move things, to test and measure, and for defense if necessary. But possibly most of all, for an extra bit of security and reassurance. Don’t we all march a bit more intentionally, stand a bit taller, feel a bit braver, believe in ourselves with a bit more confidence, with a walking stick?! So as we each go about our daily adventures, think about … what is your “walking stick?” What is that thing or habit or trick that generates an extra dose of grit and and spunk for you? Don’t leave home without it.

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