In Service Of

by Ray Reuter on May 26, 2016

So much in life — personally, professionally — starts with how one shows up. And underlying how one shows up is intention. What is my intention? Do I show up focused on me, my ego, my stuff … or focused on others? These three words help guide me … in service of.

I want my intention to be in service of something bigger than just me, myself, and I. So when I “show up,” I first want to be aware and intentional about my presence, body language, tone of voice, actions, behaviors, choice of words, energy, focus, awareness, thoughts (i.e., self-talk), judgments, feelings. To show up in service of others takes ownership and responsibility to inspire others to feel seen, valued, and fully alive.

I like the image of a “container” that we create and invite people to step into. The container is what we believe is possible for others. (NOTE: People often can’t see it for themselves!) The size of that container is directly related to our ability to be in service of others — our ability to grow them, our beliefs in them, how we treat them, what we believe is possible for them, how we lead and influence them. When we show up in service of others, exposing what we see is possible and our intentions for them, the container expands and they receive a glimpse of what they are capable of. And the size of the container is driven by the size of the foundation, which is you, ourselves. So in order to create a big container in service of others to step into, we must lead and take care of ourselves first.

You and I are powerful beyond measure. Our presence — how we show up — can liberate others. Take care of yourself, be in service of others, and live unfettered.

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