I See You

by Ray Reuter on June 2, 2016

IMG_1040 IMG_1038 (1)Anthropologists tell us that there are three components to a blessing. To bless someone is to see and admire that person, speak well of him or her, and give away some of your life so that he or she might have more life. I want to touch on the first component.

In a room of people, we are likely to immediately notice those who love us and those who hate us. In other words, who in the room is blessing us and who is cursing us? For everyone else, we are part of the crowd. We are seen as part of the group but not as individuals.

We are blessed when someone notices us and they communicate: “Good to see you! Glad you are here! I am delighted to be with you.” We instantly feel an uptick in our spirit. That is a blessing.

The opposite also happens, a curse, when we have that an energy down tick. “Ugh. I wish you weren’t here. You are a threat to me. I don’t feel safe around you.”

To see someone or be seen by someone else, in a positive light, is a blessing. Many of my grandkids are at that age … “Papa Ray, watch me! Look at me! See what I am doing!” They desire to be seen, to be blessed.

Take a look around and who do you see? God blesses us by seeing us. A good leader blesses associates by seeing them and their work. A good mother or father blesses children by seeing them, watching them. A good coach blesses players by observing them. A good business person blesses clients / customers by seeing them, by knowing their desires and serving them. A good friend blesses you by seeing you.

We are blessed by being seen, and we bless others by seeing them. I SEE YOU!

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