by Ray Reuter on October 20, 2016

Version 3A recent Super Hero / Princess birthday party revealed to me another insight about God. It was a combined birthday party for 3 grandkids from the same family, all with birthdays within seven weeks of each other. The invitation welcomed people to come dressed as their favorite super hero or princess. Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I hate costume parties and dressing up. Yet something prompted my wife and I to stretch out of the ordinary and do something extraordinary for our grandkids. I bought a sweet Mr. Incredible outfit and went as Mr. Incredible as my super hero — it seemed appropriate! ツ The grandkids were surprised and the event was memorable.

I’ve openly shared how being “Papa Ray” has taught me much about my Heavenly Father. This time it was about how I was willing to do something extraordinary out of abundant love for my grandchildren. God does the same thing for us. Out of His abundant love He willingly does extraordinary things. You may refer to them as God-incidences or know them as miracles. God is in us — so we possess the super power to do heroic, beyond-ordinary things as well. Be Incredible.

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