My 3 Words • 2017

by Ray Reuter on January 12, 2017

a life unfettered in 2017. Here are My 3 Words for 2017

  • HUMILITY … Releasing my belief that I have to meet all expectations by my own ability, which leads to confidence that I can carry the burden alone. This is pride and self-reliance! I humble myself and submit to GOD, intentionally taking His yoke and submitting to Him as my true master and thus experiencing holy rest.
  • ACCEPT … Last year wore me out due to my resistance and wrestling with various situations. So this year I want to intentionally ACCEPT those things that I cannot change or are not mine to change.
  • UNSUBSCRIBE … This covers a wide range of things. Clearly it implies unsubscribing from various inflows such as emails, feeds, subscriptions, social media, etc. and unsubscribing from checking these things continually! For me is also applies to unsubscribing from habits, thoughts, and practices that no longer serve me.

NOTE: To understand the context of this post, please check out 3 Words to Power Your Year.

Those words are my compass for 2017. Your turn …

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