Stop Trying to Guess God’s Will

by Ray Reuter on January 19, 2017

Doing God’s will … of course I want to do that! And you too! Yet how many times do we say we want to do God’s will if we only knew what that was, if only it was clear, if only God would appear in a dream and tell me like those fortunate people in the Bible. We often are confused by what God is asking of us whether it is related to our business, career, family, relationships, decisions, managing time, ministry, you name it. In searching to know God’s will, I intentionally work hard and endlessly rummage for a sign from God.

Hint: A better way may be to stop trying so hard to figure out God’s will and instead invest that energy in increasing one’s love of God and trust in God.

Our hard work of processing discernment can fill us with uneasiness and rob us of all our enthusiasm. God’s will is not a guessing-game. God is not trying to trick us, or play games with us regarding His will and hope for our lives. He is the first one interested in letting us know what he wants. What we have to do is learn to let go of our plans and comfort zone in order to embrace whatever God wants of us – be it difficult or easy, pleasant or unpleasant. We want to get out of our own way, stop guessing, and listen with love, faith, and trust.

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