My 3 Words • 2018

by Ray Reuter on January 18, 2018

a life unfettered … Here are My 3 Words for 2018

  • ABIDE … to bear patiently, to endure without yielding, to wait for, to accept without objection. I find myself in a place where ABIDING is prudent given several situations and circumstances that are real, even though they are not of my doing.
  • MERCY … compassionate treatment of those in distress; compassion or forbearance shown especially to one subject to one’s power; refraining from the enforcement of something that is due. I believe this coming year will provide me multiple opportunities to exercise MERCY.
  • PERSEVERE … continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. As I ABIDE and show MERCY, it is clear to me that I also must PERSEVERE in using my gifts and talents to unfetter potential.

NOTE: To understand the context of this post, please check out 3 Words to Guide Your Year.

Those words are my beacon for 2018. Your turn …

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