My 3 Words • 2019

by Ray Reuter on January 17, 2019

a life unfettered

I’m ready to share MY 3 WORDS for 2019. I find this process invaluable to discern my focus and intention for the year. The picture I chose to radiate these 3 words anchors them for me and is worth “a thousand words.” ツ

#1 • CONTENT … to limit myself in requirements, desires, or actions. To consistently BE in a state of well-being, happiness, joy. To minimize “conditions” that hinder happiness.

#2 • TRANQUIL … free from agitation of mind or spirit; free from disturbance or turmoil; unvarying, steady, stable. Creating minimal resistance by neither pushing life away, nor pulling it toward me. Just witnessing and experiencing the events of life taking place.

#3 • CULL … to discern / decide what to accept from a myriad of possibilities; to select, to choose, to enjoy.

NOTE: To understand the context of this post, please check out 3 Words to Light Your Path for the Year.

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