Packing Power

by Ray Reuter on May 12, 2016


I recently had the challenge of packing for a 10-day trip to Kenya, Africa. I found myself obsessed with making sure I had enough “power” packed for the journey. This included ensuring all of my electronic devices were fully charged, that I had plenty of spare batteries, my power packs were fully charged, and I had easy access to power cords in case the opportunity to recharge presented itself. I did not want to find myself without power!

Looking back at this compulsive behavior, I reflected on how much emphasis I was putting into this type of power and frankly wondered what was possible if I put similar preparation and planning into more common, day-to-day activities. For instance …

  • What “power” do I pack for a typical day of coaching, or training, or facilitating? What “power” am I packing for those I am blessed to serve?
  • What “power” do I pack for my family activities?
  • What “power” do I pack for my wife? My children?
  • What “power” do I pack for myself, taking care of myself physically, emotionally?
  • And most important … What “power” do I pack for God? 

That last point is really phrased the wrong way, as if God is the receiver. ツ Rather … What “power” do I pack FROM God? Do I allow myself to be fully charged by the Holy Spirit every day, so that I have enough power packed to give away to others?

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