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by Ray Reuter on February 4, 2016

2015 Reuter Family Yearbook - 1 of 1 (1) I have an old Hasbro R2D2 “robot” that fascinates the grandkids — this predates the modern, sleek BB-8 droid that one can control with their smart phone. My old school droid operates on voice commands that trigger various modes — Companion Mode, Game Mode, Command Mode, etc. These voice commands and modes ideally prompt R2D2 to take action via movement, noise, voices, a light beam, etc.

Even with fresh batteries, R2D2 is showing his age and seems to have difficulty hearing or remembering what to do when a certain command is given. NOTE: It does not help when the grandkids are simultaneously laughing and talking at the same time!

Now there is one command that can be used in any mode — and it is used frequently …


The command “Reset System” restores R2 back to “normal” and clears the mind. R2 then is much more ready and attentive to the subsequent instructions following the reset. I now try to use this with the grandkids to gain their attention and focus … “Hey Calvin / Larry / Henry / Lucy … Reset System.” It produces mostly giggles and laughter at this point, yet they do hear me! This is a work-in-process. ツ

I think we all need a master command that can be used in any mode (or mood) or situation we find ourselves in. It is important we command ourselves to “reset system” when we encounter those key moments I often talk about. We all need to “reset system” to clear our minds, our cache, our memories, our self-talk, our stories, our attitudes and beliefs to “neutral” so we can pay attention to what is real, what is true, and then act and respond accordingly with a “reset” / clear mind. Don’t be afraid to use this command regularly … it works!

“Hey R2 … Dance program!” (That’s  R2’s happy dance!)

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