Anonymous or Synonymous

by Ray Reuter on December 8, 2016

Recently a good friend shared an insight that I could quickly relate to this time of the year. Namely, the challenge of being anonymous. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of expectations this time of year with the holidays. Food preparation, gift buying, decorating, being nice to others especially family. There is also much to deal with from crowds in stores and streets to tired and worn out people to year-end performance reviews. There is more drama, stress, anxiety, hurriedness. And on top of all there is the cold, the dark.

Navigating all of these things takes work and effort, it requires love and patience and kindness, it demands giving, giving, and more giving! In the midst of all of this, it seems natural to desire a little bit of recognition and appreciation, some attention, a little “atta boy” or “you go girl.” What about me? I want someone to notice! See me and all that I am doing! I don’t just want to be another cog in the machine. I don’t want to be anonymous — unknown, unrecognized, unappreciated.

Stepping back from that desire, another perspective is the call to be synonymous, which means being equivalent, same, like. Specifically, we are called to be Christ-like … synonymous with Christ. Ideally, my only want and desire is to be aligned with God’s will. And that truly is about giving, loving, patience, understanding, fortitude. Being a light to the darkness, bringing warmth to the cold, bringing Jesus to the season.

When I center on being synonymous with Christ, the blessings are abundant and I know that God sees me. I am not anonymous in His eyes.

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