Be Silly

by Ray Reuter on March 26, 2015

Larry Being SillyRecently, I took Larry to Home Depot to get some sand for our backyard sand tables. Larry is ususally full of pep and bounce and the trip to Home Depot was no exception! He was being silly and I found myself start to say, “Larry, stop being so silly.” But I stopped myself and embraced and enjoyed Larry’s sillyness.

How many times have we been told, or said to others, “Stop being silly!” I think a bit more sillyness in our lives is a good thing! ツ I prevent myself or others from being silly because I feel uncomfortable and am overly concerned about what you think about me, how you are judging me, and I allow that to suppress the joy of being silly and not so serious.

I looked up the definition of “silly” and it means … not practical or sensible; not serious, meaningful, or important.   How much of our lives are consumed by practical, serious, important stuff when every now and then a spoonful of sillyness would do us good. So go ahead … be silly! at least for a little bit …

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