Give Gratitude

by Ray Reuter on February 1, 2018

There are lots of little sayings to remind us to “stop and smell the roses.” Along similar lines, I suggest stop and give gratitude to things right now you might be taking for granted. An ancient Chinese saying tells us to remember those who dug the wells. It prompts us to remember those who came before us to make our current lives possible … and to give gratitude.


  • To those who dug the well / trenches for the water for your hot shower.
  • To those who got up early to brew the coffee, to bake the bread, to stock the shelves, to fill the gas tanks.
  • To those who built the roads and bridges, cleared the roads, maintain the roads.
  • To those who wash the dishes, clear the tables, sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, clean the bathrooms, dust the shelves.
  • To those who train and respond to emergency situations, care for the sick, tend to the hurt, deliver the babies, protect the streets.
  • To those who innovate, create, design, develop, study, propose.
  • To those who sing, act, draw, color, dance, preach, teach.
  • To those who love, inspire, encourage, challenge, motivate, take risks.
  • To those who feed, give drink, shelter, clothe, visit, bury, give alms.
  • To those who instruct, advise, console, comfort, forgive, bear wrongs, pray.

It’s so easy for me to take for granted, the near infinite number of things that exist, because of the near infinite number of anonymous souls who gave a bit of their life force to make my life possible.

I honor you. I give thanks for you.

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