Grasping Irony

by Ray Reuter on October 26, 2017

“Though He (Jesus) was in the form of God, He (Jesus) did not regard equality with God as something to be grasped.” Phil 2:6

I am finding myself grasping to be God. It is a significant temptation for me. I want security, predictability, safety, certainty, stability. In essence, I want to control, I want to create, I want to form. I imagine how great things could be. But alas, the great irony is that being like God (Jesus) actually means to not grasp but rather to let go. In fact, the only person who could realistically be equal with God did not reach for it. Instead, Jesus served; He became a slave.

Being like God is not about filling up and being in control, but emptying out and trusting. For me, for you, to be God-like ultimately means to surrender, to give, to serve — not to grasp or take something for ourselves, or to be attached. And through that process of surrender and humility, like Jesus, we will rise.

Now that’s actually predictable!

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