Know WHO and WHAT You Are

by Ray Reuter on March 12, 2010

I heard these words from a speaker and totally cheered his strong position.  WHO YOU ARE IS YOUR GREATEST MARKET DIFFERENTIATOR.  Amen!  It is important to bring ALL of ourselves into our work, into our marketing, into our value proposition, into our relationships.  Your authenticity and mine is our uniqueness and one-of-a-kind brand.  Don’t play small and get lost in what most everyone else (i.e., your competition) has or does.  YOU are the only YOU.

For me this was affirming as I continue to enter a NEW FRONTIER (see previous post) that is totally being driven by WHO I AM.  Specifically, I am passionate about BUSINESS COACHING and SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  I believe the time is now to combine BUSINESS — which is about DOING, and SPIRIT — which is about BEING.  We are spiritual beings living a physical existence most commonly acted out through our work and in our workplace.  I hear the calling to bring more of our SPIRIT into our WORK and WORKPLACE.  I will begin with me.

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