Leave Some “Room”

by Ray Reuter on August 30, 2010

Leave Some RoomWalk into a Starbucks or most any coffee shop and they will ask whether or not you want “room.”  Usually I request “no room.”  “Room” refers to the amount of room left between the level of coffee in the cup and the top edge of the cup.  Typically, if you want to add sugar and/or cream you ask for “room” which results in space in the cup to add either or both.  Or, if you simply want a safety margin so as not to spill, you would also ask for “room.”  If not, you say “no room” like I frequently do to maximize the coffee.

This is often like my life – and maybe yours.  I regularly have “no room” … no room for the unexpected (which I should come to expect), no room for random acts of kindness, no room for taking an extra minute or two with someone, no room to extend a helping hand, no room for patience, no room for …

Life with “no room” is not as sweet or creamy, and a bit unsafe.  So go ahead, start your day with your cup of coffee and “leave some room.”

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