Offer Your Loaves & Fish

by Ray Reuter on August 6, 2015

Many are familiar with the bible story of Jesus feeding five thousand men until they had their fill with just five barley loaves and two fish (John 6:1-15). It is one of the most popular and impactful of Jesus’ miracles. Five thousand men – plus I would assume several thousand more women and children – were all fed until they were full. And for good measure, twelve wicker baskets of leftovers were collected.

5 loavesConsider the boy who had the groceries for this enormous meal. A boy — maybe 12 years old — in a crowd of at least 5,000 and likely several thousand more. Imagine how small and insignificant he must have felt in this throng of people — all pressing forward to get close to this amazing teacher (they were not sitting and reclining yet). However, this boy had the courage to offer what little he had. How easy it would have been to just keep the food for himself. Rather his focus was on providing and serving others — not allowing his smallness or the tiny bit of food he had to be an obstacle to his offering.

Jesus performed a miracle with his hands, yet the precursor to the miracle occurred in the boy’s heart. In his heart, the boy felt just maybe his loaves and fish could matter … and he acted on that prompting by making a conscious choice to offer his five loaves and two fish.

Too often I feel what I have is not enough, it is insignificant, it doesn’t matter, it will not make any difference. So I keep “it” to myself — my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, impulses, words of affirmation and compassion, input, observations, and so forth. How many people go hungry because I do not give what I have?!

Bring and offer your loaves and fish — it is enough. And who knows, maybe a miracle will happen!

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