Amazing Impact

by Ray Reuter on July 6, 2017

As a fan of Apple, I have enjoyed reading about the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. I was not on board right away — I got on the iPhone wagon at iPhone 5. Many articles have highlighted the products and gadgets that the iPhone has replaced — and it is an impressive list. Calculators, iPods / MP3 players, address books / calendars / notepads, GPS devices and paper maps, voice recorders, camcorders, alarm clocks, radios, point and shoot cameras, newspapers / magazines, flashlights, walkie-talkies, and there are some I’m sure I am missing. It has altered entire industries including music, television, banking, shopping / retail, bookstores, health and fitness, transportation / ride-sharing, communications (texting, social media, dictation), to name a few. It has brought down powerful companies — remember Blackberry?

It is hard not to argue that Apple and the iPhone changed the world and had a broad, amazing impact.

As I reflected on this phenomenon, I noted that the impact is focused on THINGS. What might get taken for granted and overlooked are the PEOPLE behind the scenes. I assert that none of this happens without incredible leadership, inspiration, courage, teamwork, a supporting culture, trust, structure, and systems. And I am not just talking about Steve Jobs. I am talking about every mom and dad, brother and sister, grandparent, aunt and uncle, friend, teacher and coach, supervisor and manager … that positively influenced a countless number of people to accomplish extraordinary things through their actions, leadership, and behavior. It is everyday people, you-and-me like people, who strive to do their very best and help others become their very best that create “amazing!”

Yes, looking back, the iPhone is remarkable and it continues to have a dramatic impact on the world. Yet know that you and I have the power to do and enable amazing things as well in our life roles. We do make a difference. We might not garner the national attention or accolades, but there is only an audience of one that truly matters in the long run. We may not get to see the amazing impact we have in this world in our lifetimes. We may have to wait longer than 10 years. Yet with each breath and day we are gifted, we can be and do our unfettered best. Wow! That’s amazing!

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