Never Nothing Going On

by Ray Reuter on July 12, 2011

Never Nothing Going On

I rewatched a movie recently based on a book I really enjoyed titled, “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”  The core piece of wisdom in the book /movie is, “There’s never nothing going on.  There are no ordinary moments.”  The message is clear – every moment is sacred and unique, not ordinary.

I think about how much of my day I consider “ordinary” because I am distracted by noise, clutter, demands, expectations, things to do, people to see, plans to make, goals to achieve.  What triggered this was holding my one-week old grandson Henry, and listening to him purr as he breathed and slept.  This was no ordinary moment.  I was completely focused on his breathing and the movements of his little body.  I was present and aware of what was happening.

So PAUSE right now and take notice of what’s going on — the extra-ordinariness of your life.  The paradox is that we must empty our minds to “nothing” in order to become aware that there’s never “nothing” going on.  It is through this unfettering that we become awake, aware, and alive.

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