The PASSION of the Winter Olympics

by Ray Reuter on March 10, 2010

I find the Winter Olympics fascinating.  The events are quite a bit off the beaten path – the luge, ski jumping, skiing + shooting, snowboard half-pipe, speed skating – and the athletes are also not quite mainstream.  Few people (from the American perspective) pay attention to these sports at any other time except the Olympics.  Unlike football, basketball, and even hockey … they are not televised as far as I know – except an occasional “Wide World of Sports” episode (is that still on?).  Yet they capture something for me, there is something special and unique about them.

These sports generally will not lead to big money contracts.  The “reward” is a medal, a few minutes of fame.  The margin is so small … hundredths of seconds … absolutely no margin for the slightest error.  The difference between standing on the medal stand and in the stands is tiny.  The commitment to training and practicing is enormous.  There is not much ongoing “love” or attention to what they do.

To me, that is the root of what’s makes these people special, different.  The “love” is primarily internal.  It is all PASSION and sacrifice.  These athletes do amazing things born out of commitment, passion, and sacrifice that I watch with awe and respect.

Where in your life / business do you have a similar level of PASSION and commitment?  What if you and I treated more things in our lives and businesses – marketing, client service, parenting, marriage – like Olympic events?  What can you do that is not “mainstream,” maybe a bit quirky, and fills you with the internal joy of competing and knowing you are doing what you love to do?

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