by Ray Reuter on June 28, 2010

I recently read that clutter experts say we USE about 20 percent of what we own but we MAINTAIN 100 percent!  That represents a huge opportunity to unfetter.  How much is enough?  Define it for yourself.  I am terrible at gathering and retaining too much stuff.  I feel the need to always have an “extra” or something “just in case.”  The crazy thing is that I use and appreciate my favorite things less because I have too many or too much and feel the need to use them all.  I will wear this pair of uncomfortable shoes because I have them and I haven’t worn them in awhile.  I have to justify my retention!

A couple of strategies … accumulate less, share more, and just eliminate.  Stop adding more stuff – or have a rule that for everything that you buy, you must give away or de-accumulate a quantity equal to or greater than what you added.  Share and give things away without desiring anything in return.  Bless others with your generosity.  And finally, seek-and-destroy those things that have worn out their welcome in your life … one room, drawer, closet at a time.

Everything you own, owns you.  You are free in parallel with the quantity of things you can do without.

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