Too Much Sand

by Ray Reuter on April 18, 2010

Margin is like oxygen—everyone needs some!  When I think of margin, I think of the space that exists around the outside of a written document, book, magazine, etc.  The “white space” is necessary to enhance the reading experience.  Margin is that space between our load and our limits.  When there is risk, we often say, “there is little margin for error.”  Without margin, we are too close to the edge.  Too much margin, and there is often waste.  Having the right amount of margin enables us to live freely and unfettered.

Margin is something each of us can control.  We deceive ourselves if we tell ourselves otherwise.  Where would you benefit from a little more margin, some “white space” in your life?  Pick just one small matter and give yourself some room.  Take a deep breath and soak it in.  Have the courage to say to yourself, “That’s too much sand for my truck.”

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